Gabriela Baptista

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Campaign Management, Project Management, Asana Best Practices

EMEA SEM Manager, Asana

I'm a SEM Manager at Asana. I have spent the majority of my time at Asana working on paid acquisition and localisation projects.

Prior to working at Asana, I worked in a performance agency with a focus on paid search and integrated, multichannel acquisition campaigns.

As an Asana Advisor I can help you with projects related to paid acquisition, project management, and general campaign management.


I’m excited to help nonprofits with their Asana projects! I’m passionate about digital marketing, organisational processes, self-development, yoga & barre, food and traveling!

I am most proud of my contribution to the industry. I've worked in international award-winning paid search campaigns, and been part of internationally recognised marketing teams.

During my journey, I've had the opportunity to support the digital marketing efforts of non-profit organisations such as Self Help Africa and Friends of the Elderly. In my free time, I've volunteered as a translator for TED Talks, helping spread ideas beyond the English language.