Greg Sabo

San Francisco, California, United States

Asana Best Practices, Project Management, Software Engineering, Technical Support

Software Engineering Manager, Asana

I'm a Software Engineering Manager at Asana. I have spent the majority of my time at Asana working on Internationalization, Monetization, Growth, and Adoption engineering projects. Prior to working at Asana, I was a software engineer at Stripe, HubSpot, The Echo Nest, and IBM, focusing on web engineering.

As an Asana Advisor I can help you with projects related to development, especially web software engineering, as well as general project management.


I can't wait to get started as an Asana advisor! I'm very passionate about using tools and systems to help people achieve balance and do their best work. There is so much important work that needs to be done in the world, and my hope is that we can work together to help humanity thrive.

I'm very passionate about growing the diversity of the software engineering industry. In addition to supporting members of underrepresented groups here at Asana, I seek out ways to help more people break into the technology world by providing mentorship, guidance, and connections.

I also love to express myself creatively, whether it's through songwriting, or by building conceptual web experiences and games. I believe that the creative process deeply informs my engineering and management work.