Michael Armstrong

San Francisco, California, United States

Asana Best Practices, Getting Started, Technical Support, Work Requests

Nonprofit Experience Specialist, Asana

I'm a program manager for nonprofits at Asana, though I've spent the first half of my career at Asana providing technical support to our customers as part of our user operations team. I’ve also worked cross-functionality with our marketing, customer success, sales, legal, finance and customer education teams to support Asana users across our social channels & community support forums.


Prior to working at Asana, I studied International Relations at UC Davis & San Francisco State. Since then, I’ve worked as a teacher & a social entrepreneur; developing a sustainable travel company in Montreal before making to my return to San Francisco.

At Asana, I work to make sure teams get the most they can from Asana & know how to use all our features, to make their work easier & their processes smoother. As a former teacher, I love getting to know how folks are currently working, then become a part of their “a-ha!” moment; where processes click & the features you thought might be useful, suddenly become a core part of your success!

As an Asana Advisor I can help you and your organization get started with Asana, share some best practices with how we use Asana here in the office & assist with any technical support issues you & your teams run into along the way!