Nikki Henderson

San Francisco, California, United States

Asana Best Practices, Getting Started, Work Requests, Campaign Management

Content marketer; AsanaWomen co-lead, Asana

I'm Nikki, a content marketer and co-lead of our women's group. From blogs to videos, I create tons of materials to help anyone learn Asana, so I'm ready to put these best practices into action with you. I'm familiar with tons of marketing efforts and strategies, and can help with this, too.


I'm Nikki, a colorful content marketer and co-lead of our women's group. I'm responsible for tons of user education content across the Guide, Blog, Academy, and videos (you might recognize me from How to Asana.) I work on campaigns, the editorial calendar, product launches, events, leading/facilitating discussions/meetings, education strategies, video production, diversity and inclusion, creative briefs, and cross-functional collaboration/project management.

Prior to Asana, I worked in customer, digital, and content marketing for a fintech company that used Asana. I came to work for Asana because I saw how it transformed our team and wanted to help more teams achieve their goals, and have a good time with their colleagues while doing it. I'd love to help yours do the same!

If I have more than 16 seconds of free time, you'll find me pulling out a book (rather than my phone.) I also love to write poetry and make collages from photos I've taken around the world. Me encanta viajar a América Latina, porque hablo español. But I can also be found running and making bouquets in my neighborhood in San Francisco.