Seiichi Goto

Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan

Asana Best Practices, Getting Started, Change Management, Operational Process Improvement

Customer Success Manager, Customer Success

I am now working as a Customer Success Manager in Tokyo. From my long professional career, I became a true believer in the value of working as a team. And also understanding the inefficient work associated to delivering a team effort... That is why I am with Asana! A tool that I have faith in as a user, to minimize the "work for work" sometimes required when working as a team, and allowing the teams to work together effortlessly. Let me help you explore extended use of Asana, to further enable your teams to work on what they are meant for and really good on.


I started my career as an engineer developing footwear (yes, shoes!) and moved on to consulting with a focus in manufacturing. After consulting, I took various roles in business planning and operations for multinational enterprises. Yes, these large organizations are subject to inefficiencies because they usually have various teams and stakeholders that you need to work with to accomplish one thing that would otherwise be much quicker and easier in a smaller organization. But smaller organizations have their own difficulties to be agile. Some won't have the resources to occupy an individual so he or she might need to take various different roles. Leaving the individual needing to keep track of different threads of communication on different responsibilities. Some events occur so infrequent that there is inefficiency in remembering what needs to take place. Completely different aspect from an employee in a larger organization, but common in the sense that there is need for orchestration to deliver work.
Asana is a flexible tool that can be adopted in various areas to diminish inefficiencies. Asana Advisors are here to help you with advice on how you can more leverage Asana to resolve some of the difficult pain points that you are facing. And allowing you to focus your time on pursuing your mission.