Dave Finn

Dublin, Leinster, Ireland

Getting Started, Technical Support, Asana Best Practices, Onboarding New Users

User Operations Specialist, Asana

I’m a User Operations Specialist at Asana, providing technical support to our customers in order to empower them to achieve their goals.

Prior to working at Asana, I spent 10 years in finance, working cross-functionally on large scale projects, improving systems and processes, and partnering with stakeholders on key policies and procedures.

As an Asana Advisor I can help you and your organization get started with Asana, troubleshoot any technical issues you might encounter, advise on our best practices and help to eliminate any confusion around our features and best practices.

Please don’t hesitate to request a session if you feel I can assist you in any way.


I’m so excited to help nonprofits use Asana to its full potential! I’m passionate about the importance of human connection and greatly respect nonprofit organizations in their pursuit of truly impactful missions. Our Asana for Nonprofits program, in line with our own mission to help humanity thrive, aims to enable you to reduce “work about work” so you can spend your precious time on the work that matters.

I have worked with many systems across many industries throughout my career. I understand the importance of systems and processes and enjoy addressing pain points, simplifying the use of technology and finding a workaround where an obvious solution cannot be seen.

Personally, I have a great interest in nature, psychology, emotional intelligence and human behaviour. I sing in a large choral group, play guitar and volunteer in my spare time.

I’m also an active member of Team Rainbow, our LGBT Employee Resource Group at Asana, an ally to our amazing Asana Women ERG, and support many charitable causes through our Asanas Give Back initiative.