Ashley Bair

San Francisco, California, United States

Goal Tracking, Getting Started, Asana Best Practices, Onboarding New Users

User Operations Enablement, Asana

I'm a User Operations Analyst at Asana. I have spent the majority of my time at Asana working on our onboarding training and ongoing training. Prior to working at Asana, I was an elementary education teacher and worked in several support operation positions.


I’m excited to help nonprofits with their Asana projects! I’m passionate about helping companies unlock their businesses for success by using Asana. Recently, I am most proud of my work with our training programs and collaboration with cross-functional teams.

Before Asana, I worked at a large tech company in their payments department setting up their Support Team. I have also worked as a school teacher for several years in Denver Area and Philadelphia Area.

When I am not working I am at home hanging out with my husband and our two dogs. We do a lot of fun activities like dock diving and agility.