Javier Sánchez Grisolía

DUBLIN, Connacht, Ireland

Onboarding New Users, Getting Started, Operational Process Improvement, Asana Best Practices

Enterprise Development Representative, Asana

I'm an Enterprise Development Representative at Asana. I have spent the majority of my time at Asana working on sales, expanding usage and introducing the tool. Prior to working at Asana, I
attended ICADE (Madrid) where I studied Business Administration and International Relations.

As an Asana Advisor, I can help you with projects related to optimising processes, onboarding new people, connecting remote teams, creating a centralised place of information.


I’m excited to help nonprofits with their Asana projects! I’m passionate about helping children and young people get the same opportunities and figuring out their path. Recently, I am most proud of spending my last holidays in a scuba diving program to help clean the ocean and preserve the environment. Apart from helping humanity thrive!