Luis Alvarez

San Francisco, California, United States

Onboarding New Users, Technical Support, Asana Best Practices, Software Engineering

Software Engineer, Asana

I'm a Software Engineer at Asana. I have spent the majority of my time at Asana working on engineering projects, especially those related to the grid and task pane. Prior to working at Asana, I worked at a non-profit with a focus on empowering free and charitable health care clinics to use technology to reach more of their patients, more often.
As an Asana Advisor I can help you with projects related to on-boarding new users, Asana best practices, or working through technical issues.


Hello! My name is Luis and I’m excited to help nonprofits with their Asana projects! Prior to working at Asana, I worked at a non-profit that leveraged technology to help health care clinics reach more of their patient population and track health outcomes for vulnerable populations. Even now, I still keep in contact with some of the clinics that I assisted, and share the passion I have for equitable health care.

At Asana, I work as a software engineer on our Core Experience team, building and iterating on features that you (hopefully!) use every day! I love hearing success stories from our customers about how they've been able to be more productive using the tools I've helped build. As an Asana Advisor, I'm excited to help you figure out the best way to onboard new users, get the most out of some of our core features, or walk you though a technical issue you're facing.