Cliff Chang

San Francisco, California, United States

Operational Process Improvement, Project Management, Software Engineering, Asana Best Practices

Engineering Director - Growth, Asana

I'm a long-time engineering manager at Asana. I have spent the majority of my time at Asana working with product teams building core features of the application.

Prior to working at Asana, I was an engineer at Facebook on the Ads team, and attended Caltech where I studied Computer Science.

As an Asana Advisor I can help you with projects related to running your team processes, product/engineering workflows, coordinating major launches, and automating processes.


Hi, I'm Cliff!

I think it's really interesting that a conversation can often be 5 people but rarely be 6. I worry about the class divide in the Bay Area. I'm fascinated by minor technical / product decisions that have ramifications that spiral outwards for years. I'm frustrated by the myths that Silicon Valley tells itself about itself. I'm skeptical about startups that claim that they're revolutionizing the world, but I still aspire to it.

I value warm, constructive cultures and building teams and products that can sustain high engineering velocity. I like working at companies that have positive, ambitious missions, and align their mission with their business model. I love helping people be happy at work.

I've worked at Asana for the past 7 years. I've been here for so long because it's a place that's really thoughtful about what work means to people, which has a lot of positive consequences: how we've built our engineering org, how we run meetings, and how we focus on skills development and coaching, to name a few. That, and we have some incredible customers. Through them, I believe that the work we're doing matters.

I currently lead the Adoption pillar at Asana, which means I take care of high-level technical planning for several engineering teams. I'm also responsible for Asana's engineering interview process.

That's a lot of "I" statements. Who are you?

If you wanna talk about engineering culture, group dynamics, D&I, or Asana, you should reach out—I'd love to talk.