Grace Lee

San Francisco, California, United States

Project Management, Onboarding New Users, Change Management, Getting Started

Professional Services Consultant, Asana

Hi, I’m Grace! I'm a Professional Services Consultant at Asana. I love efficiency, teamwork and social change. My background is in behavior change and service design – I like knowing what makes people tick, how people work together, and how to create change. I spent the bulk of my time in the nonprofit and academic sectors, and I’m very excited to now be spending my day-to-day at a leading, mission-driven tech company (Asana)!


I grew up in Southern California, graduated from UCLA, moved to Baltimore for an AmeriCorps service year, and lived in NYC for the next 4 years to complete a master’s in public health and oversee the launch of a new center at Columbia University. After 7 months of global travel, I returned to sunny California, and have been living in Oakland for about 3 years now.

Before Asana, I spent my time as a service designer for Playworks, a national nonprofit dedicated to ensuring safe and inclusive play for children during school recess. By guiding teams through collaborative design processes (pilot inception, testing, data collection, data synthesis, prototype redesign), I managed the launch and scale of new, go-to-market Playworks services. Graphic design and communications are my side jam, and I worked with a range of domestic and global clients as a freelancer over the years.

Some of my greatest joys are exploring on foot, biking in nice weather, backpacking the great outdoors, and curling up with a good book. I like to paint, I will eat just about anything, I’m a big Disney fan, and I find almost nothing more exciting than wild animal sightings.