Jackson Dowell

New York, New York, United States

Engineering Manager, Asana

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I'm an Engineering Manager at Asana NYC working on products aimed at managers and team leads. Prior to joining Asana, I worked with several startups solving workflow challenges in different segments (InVision for designers and Transfix for truckers), and I worked with LinkedIn on news/publishing and students/education products.

I'd be excited to answer questions about or work through problems you're facing with Best Practices, Goal Tracking, Project Management, and Software Engineering.


My current and past roles have taught me a lot about project management, working across geographies (including fully distributed teams), and collaborating with stakeholders across different concerns. I've found Asana to be a game changer in creating clarity about who is doing what by when and driving toward outcomes. I'm excited to help nonprofit organizations scale their impact by finding that same clarity and eliminating "work about work".

Outside of my day job, I volunteer with a couple organizations in NYC working on food security: North Brooklyn Angels and City Harvest.