Rishika Dhody

San Francisco, California, United States

Time Management, Work Requests, Project Management, Getting Started

Data Scientist,

I am a Data Scientist in Asana. For the past year, I have been partnering with product teams to help understand our users better, in service of iteratively improving and growing Asana.

As an Asana advisor I can help you get started with Asana, provide guidance around general project management and managing work requests through Asana.


I am rejuvenated in the presence of driven and passionate people, which is why I am looking forward to working with non-profits through the Asana Advisors program. I am particularly passionate around efforts related to building communities and providing education-related opportunities.

More generally, I am fascinated by behavioral economics and as a result have studied economics, computer science and statistics in my academic career. This is also why I love working at and in Asana - it provides me with an opportunity to observe how people work together to achieve a common goal.