Kelly Yong

San Francisco, California, United States

Work Requests, Time Management, Getting Started, Asana Best Practices

Talent Analyst, Asana

I’m a talent analyst at Asana, and I’ve spent my time at Asana building dashboards and creating optimized and efficient interviewer training. Prior to working at Asana, I studied integrative biology at UC Berkeley. As an Asana Advisor, I can help you with getting started, best practices, and maintaining inbox zero.


I’m excited to help nonprofits thrive with Asana! I have a strong background in utilizing data to improve processes, and I’ve seen firsthand how Asana can propel others to achieve their goals quickly. Having worked in the fields of medical and clinical research as well as technology, I have experience collaborating with a myriad of teams and tools - including Greenhouse, google suite, paper files, Asana, SQL, R, and looker.

I love working at a company that makes collaboration effortless, and enables me to support others to do the same - especially around initiatives I’m passionate about, like mental health, LGBTQIA+ communities, and empowerment of women.

People love working with me because I solve problems proactively, utilize data to improve processes, and do everything with energy and empathy. I stay accountable and on top of my work by keeping my inbox at zero, and I’m looking forward to helping other teams do the same!